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Parent & Family

Parent & Family Therapy is an opportunity to deepen the parent-child/teen and family relationship.  I create an environment for each family member to feel that their thoughts, feelings and needs are witnessed and understood.  Family Therapy supports enhanced curiosity for each other, enhances communication, empathy and acceptance as well as strengthening closeness and connection. 

Family Therapy may involve individual sessions with parents, joint parent-child/teen sessions, individual sessions with the children/teen or involve all of the family members.  The initial session often involves meeting with the parent/caregiver to discuss the concern(s) bringing your family to therapy, explore therapy goals and discuss a plan to support your family to move forward. 


Parent & Family Therapy can support navigating the following concerns: 

  • Child’s mental health | Behaviours

  • Family relationships and communication

  • Major changes, transitions or disruptions (including adjustment to illness and coping with grief and loss)

  • Parenting a child with mental health, complex care, or chronic illness

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