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Allison McDiarmid


Child & Family Counsellor and Art Therapist with a private practice in Calgary, Alberta


Hello, and welcome to Luminescence Creative Counselling, a space for reflection, exploration and to nourish your inner light – your luminescence!

Parenting can be challenging and difficult to navigate at times, and may leave you and your family feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stuck or disconnected from what is meaningful to you in your life. During difficult times, children (and their caregivers!) sometimes need a little extra encouragement and support to work through the challenges.

I am a Family Counsellor & Art Therapist with over 15 years of specializing in therapy for children, teens and families.  I am here to meet you and your family where you are, to walk alongside you and together illuminate a path forward. 

Allison McDiarmid

Allison McDiarmid, MSW, RSW, DVATI

Family Counsellor & Art Therapist


Child Therapy

DIY Cute Monsters

Child Therapy is a space for children to explore their inner world, gain deeper insights into their challenges, cultivate new insights and enhance their skills to supports their overall health and wellness. 

Teen Therapy

Girl in the Fields

Teen Therapy is a space for teens to explore their struggles, express their thoughts and feelings, foster self-growth and enhance coping strategies. 

Individual Therapy

Enjoying Sunset

Individual Therapy for adults is an opportunity for adults to receive support when navigating the twists and turns in life, a space to process experiences, to deepen insights and enhance well-being. 

Parent & Family Therapy

At the Beach

Parent & Family Therapy is an opportunity to deepen parent-child/teen and family relationships.

Art Therapy

Art Brushes Stained with Paint

Art Therapy is a blend of the creative process and psychotherapy, that offers a creative way to explore, enhance and express thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Group Therapy & Workshops

Image by liu yunyi

Group Therapy is for people interested in connecting through a creative and explorative process. 

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